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FTBSFV Cosponsors MLK Caravan for Social Justice


We will be riding in a flatbed truck with a DJ

Also some will stay in cars and caravan

Some will be doing the dance social distanced

Wear masks

UPDATE: This will be the ONLY MLK Day action in Los Angeles and it will be safe and responsible to our communities suffering from the pandemic. So please join us and get the word out!

This year Martin Luther King Jr. Day will begin a new chapter on the themes and participants who reflect the messages of social justice and against war and poverty. This year no police, ICE or military representatives or contingents are invited. The latest killing of the 14-yr-old Valentina Orellana-Pera:lta is just one more horrible example of the terror brought by entities like the LAPD against Black and Brown communities.

The LAPD and Sheriffs Dept have yet to apologize or give any indication of stopping the racist brutality and killings that continue to rise - they should not be celebrated ... instead let's build on King's vision. 

Location Western and MLK
URL https://fb.me/e/YiqN1pG5
Date Mon, January 17, 2022
Time 10:00am-2:00pm PST
Duration 4 hours
Priority 5-Medium
Access Public
Created by Michelle Verne
Updated Thu, January 13, 2022 12:31am GMT